Geils Funeral Home in Chicago, IL  

Geils Funeral Home in Bensenville and Wood Dale, IL has been providing funeral services for more than 100 years, serving the western suburbs of Chicago, IL. We have two locations to serve you better in your hour of need.

We Understand Your Grief   

During the difficult period of bereavement, you can count on us to help you with all aspects of funeral planning. We will make the process comfortable and respectful for you. Our compassionate staff is dedicated to aiding clients of all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Geils Funeral Home Provides:   

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  • Pre-Planned Funerals
  • Pre-Planning
  • Services for all faiths
  • Traditional and Cremation Services

Funeral planning is not an easy task. You can confidently allow us the opportunity of honoring your family's wishes. We believe we have created a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere where you and your family can celebrate and remember the life of your loved one in peace.